Fishing along a rocky slope - Help me with some fishing tips!

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by fcrnnngbck25, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. fcrnnngbck25

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    Lafayette, Indi
    I planning on fishing at a lake tonight by the "dam". Theres a long rocky slope u can fish all around and I've heard of people having success there but never tried it myself. I'll be using bluegills and shad if i can get them. Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. FS Driver

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    ive had very good success with gills by riprap . i would take a small ultralite pole and a few wax worms or redwigglers for them and i dont know how long you plan on stayin but bring a light jacket wear boots if the ground is pretty rocky and at least a couple small flashlights. i like mag minimags the AA type
    i would utilize a milk crate to hold your rod while fishing look in the library and see my little setup . i'd take an old cusion to sit on if the rocks anything like whats around here . if i'm going to be there for a long period of time i want to be comfortable. good luck man , hope you catch some nice ones.

  3. river scum

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    i would use 2 bobber poles to search and 1 bottom rig. usually i like to fish riprap in the spring around the spawn though.
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    i have a couple "euro' float rigs that i use in the river. one is (paternoster rig i think its called) a rig that has a typical 3-way rig with a 2ft or more drop to the 2oz bank sinker with light line, then above it is a slip float with a stop knot. with this rig you can fish any depth (i prefer between 8-12ft) up against rip-rap or concrete fill without your bait getting hung up. the drop with the sinker will rest against the rocks and keep the bait out from the snags and in place at the depth you want. if your sinker gets hung it will snap off the light dropper first therefore saving your rig. flatheads and channels love roaming rip rap at night.