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Fishing A Feeder Creek

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Original post made by James Ronald Phillips(Scificatman) on February 26, 2003

Hey guys now a picture is worth a thousand words.First I agree with all that has been said but would like to pick up on the bait some use.First let me say that if that method did not catch fish these guys wouldn't be using it their just that kind of guys.Having said that let me say what works in one part of the country may not get the same results in another area.Where I fish on KY lake a creek about 150 ft in size hits the lake, at the mouth after a big rain the fishing is fantastic.I like to move a 100 ft at a time until I find fish, and when you find them the action is fast and furious.Here is where I differer from others on methods some what.Here is my opinion and what works well for me,These fish are at the mouth of the creek for one reason and one reason only and that is to scavenge on the multitude of different foods the creek has to offer after winter and spring rains.These foods include the things that didn't make it through the winter I am a believer in looking in the belly of a fish when you dress it.Some things I have found are frogs, little turtles,little snakes,crawdads, minnows, acorns, corn, worms, bugs, and the most common thing to find is nothing.And there in lies the main reason for these fish to be there in such numbers they are hungry after winter.My opinion but I base this on my experience when you have a large number of fish in a given area they are in competition for the available food they are more aggressive and just grab a bait and go without hesitation.My best baits are as follows worms,shrimp,leaches ,shad guts,cut creek chubs,and chicken liver. Experiment in this area find what works for you, use a 3 or 4\0 circle hook and fairly small bait the fish I catch usually run 3 to 15 lb all channel no blues.I put the rod in a sturdy rod holder and let the fish load the rod before removing from holder.Lots of times you will have a fish on the second rod while you are catching the first one,with circle hooks and rod holders this works out great the other fish will still be on when you get there.Didn't mean to be long winded but Man I got cabin fever and winter wont let go snowing as I type this.Come on spring and spring rains can't wait tight lines guys scifi.
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