Fishing A Causeway for Channel Catfish

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    Original post made by Brad Prather(Slimy) on October 31, 2003

    One of the most over looked fish holding locations know to man is the infamous CAUSEWAY ..Made from rock usually laid down to build a road from one side of a lake to another are one the most active catfish locations on within a body of water ..Anglers usually over look this spot for several reasons long walk , high winds ,not to comfortable of sitting area but none of these reasons are good enough not to stop and fish ..Since I was a child I have fished these causeways learning something new everyday here are some of the things I have learned ..Most causeways are situated next to the deepest holes in a lake ,the main river channel almost always run under the bridge on a causeway ,tons of crappie and bait fish like shad and minnows come here to the jagged rocks to spawn which in-turn brings the channels and flathead's ,most causeways have a ledge where it drops down at a dramatic rate ..


    You have fished shallow you have drifted deep you have tried to find shad but to no avail now go to where the fish are !! In the springtime all over the U.S.A. Crappie are getting geared up to spawn and lay there eggs Crappie being a main forage fish for the channel and flathead cat why not go where there bunched up .When the Shad and Crappie are cruising the rocks getting ready to spawn you can bet the channels are there also dining on the over abundance of fish ..
    When the temperature climbs to the uncomfortable stage and the water has heated up to the point that it seams to be boiling you have to find cooler water ..Most causeways are close to deep water ,deep water is always cooler and this is where you will find your daytime cats..Dont be surprised if the cats are jumping on the bait at 12 o clock noon being they are in more comfortable water they tend to bite in all hours of the day ..
    This time of year is beautiful the leaves are turning the air is cooler but the nights are cold !!..A few fish can be had in the shallows but your not hooking into any FAT FISH?..More than likely a hog is waiting for you in the depths of the causeway ..This is the perfect time to get in the last of the late night trips, bait up big because they have the feed bag on !!
    These cats will hang in there all winter long if the water is some of the deepest around and more than likely this will be the last to freeze considering wind ,current factors enabling the freezing process ..
    Hints :
    Most causeways have been covered with old concrete slabs these slabs are the perfect home for large Flathead's ..Dint be surprised if your local Causeway dosn't end up being your honey Flathead hole .
    Two pole rule
    I always take two poles with me to pride the depths in order to find the active fish ..Throw one rod deep and the other on the drop off this will enable you to pattern the fish faster .
    I tend to lean toward the jumbo channel baits Shad ,Crappie anything I can get my hands on that is fresh ..Shad schools are normally located between bridge pylons etc ..
    Now you just might have a huge advantage on some of your partners so go get em !!