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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Shadow Hunter, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Shadow Hunter

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    I was wondering how many of you are blessed to be able to fish with you dogs? I`m on my third German Shepard, and have always taken them fishing with me. My first Shepard, i didnt have a boat so we banked fished together with my daughter.My second Shepard i got a boat and fished with a buddy and him, or just him and me alot. I`m on my third Shepard now, and he goes with me all the time. I`ve got great memories with these fishin buddys, and many more to make. They have saved my butt on a few occasions when we run into those people whom think they own the world and all your stuff with it. I can`t imagine fishing without my dog after doing it for the last 26 years! Truly MANS BEST FRIEND or at least mine. I`ve named my boat and my user name after my second dog Shadow, first dog and best of the three was Nashema, current dog is Dakota. He lives to fish, so do i for that matter!
  2. neocats

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    My buddy takes his German Sheppard with us when we go bank fishing. The dog is a trained bite alarm. He alerts us when we get a bite by barking and running to the rod getting the bite.

    This is not a joke.

  3. MRR

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    Used to have one that went with me just about every where that I went.Her name was Muffin. Part German Shephard and part ?????. Darn good dog though. Now I have a MinPin and you don't dare let her out of the fenced in yard or figure on a 2 hr chase.So no i don't take my dog now.Wish I could.
  4. Philiagorillia

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    I always took my rottie fishing with me, it was quite nice, although he'd get curious and wanna taste all the different baits:eek:oooh:
  5. dademoss

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    Ralph goes with me quite often, he's good at sleeping and laughing when the big one gets away:big_smile:
  6. uttatoo

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    greatbend kansas
    i take mine as a crazy detector alot of crazy people hanging out in the summer
    and just feel better with my pit at my side with me
  7. Dano

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    This is my story with good dogs.
    I'm lucky I got a place where my dogs can go with me and no problems. that is the cool part of my fishing hole. Dogs, family, no problem.
    Personally I like and trust my dogs more than people. All my dogs that I have had, have been my outdoor buddies.
    My best fishing dogs I ever had was 2 Golden Retrievers. Boat or Bank, they went with me every time. They looked after me and kids when we was in woods, fishing, swimming.
    both would swim out to us, circle around and let us grab their tail so they could swim us back to the bank. Several stories of those dogs running across snakes , giving the kids a warning and just about anything that might harm us. The mom dog, She was like the peter pan dog. She covered for the kids when they got in trouble. I'm not joking. kids got in
    trouble, she was right their with them trying to cover up . LOL.

    Fishing, they both had to check out each fish I caught. now an then they would steal one from me but that was OK. once an a while a fish would slip out of my hands and they would get it before it got back to water, bring it too me. never was wasted. Male dog would lay by my poles watching my liens like a hawk and let me know when I got a bite .
    he didn't bark when pole was jerking, He would stand up come to me and let me know, its my turn now to get r done. Both had to be a part of every catch. I really didn't train any dog I had, it just worked out .
    Both them GR's was poison. Rat poison. One 10 years old, other 9 years old. Mom dog died after a 3 or so week battle other pulled through but he was sad till a year later he died for sadness and cancer from poison. I took him every where with me. he rode in style, shot gun in my truck. Both was dang good fishing dogs. lake time , they was there.
    When they saw me loading up, knew it was lake time, I could not get them out of my truck until we got to lake. Once there, they had to camo up bu rolling in every stinking thing they could find in the woods and on bank , then a swim. LOL.

    When the male finally died, day before we had to put him down so he wouldn't suffer anymore. Wife an I loaded him up in a blanket, took him to our fishing spot, laid him on a blanket by the bank, I built a fire cause he loved a good camp fire with fishing line in the water , I caught a couple fish for him to check out one last time. It perked him up, he tried to get up a walk around with me but couldn't last long. made his day a good one. I know, some may think that is sappy to do that for a dog but he was a very good dog to us and my kids. he deserved his last trip to the lake, what he loved best and he sure did make us a good pet. Least I could do for him. I only hope someone will do it for me one day.

    now I got a dingo. She is very spoiled. Got her right before our male GR. died. She is different. like a fox. never had a dog like her and I have had all kinds. very good around kids. She is our baby and goes to lake with me 99% of the time. Little different from our GR's but just as good.
    Also got an outside dog. She catches squirrels and rabbits, tough as nails, can eat anything, pays her way on security. long story how we got her.

    maybe one day I'll put up pics of our outing.
  8. Little Luey

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    When my aussie mix was younger I was able to take her with me bank fishing, but since she discovered she likes swiming I can't because she likes to be in the water at all times and won't let me fish. I do make a trip just for her to the water every now and again.
  9. slowboat

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    I have a little Lhasa Apsos that wants to go anywhere I go. I have a hard time getting out without him.He sit up on the front of the boat and just rides, he really likes it, he hates the water though. In the summer time it gets to hot to take him out with me, he gets to panting pretty bad, so I leave him at home. I have to pick up everything in the house because he really gets pi##ed when I

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  10. spcmitchell28

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    Polo, Missouri
    I always take my rat terrier spuds with me, he loves being on the water, the only problem is he tries to attack the fish as im pulling them in the
  11. wishiwasfishin

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    i got a buddy that always takes his dogs:angry: they are always in the bait or running threw my lines or something..i think he has them trained to bug me or something.