Fishin with my little fat buddie on Flannagan

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA LAKES / RESERVOIRS' started by semper fi, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. semper fi

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    Well me and my little fat buddie went to Flannagan:0a22: the other night and ended up doing pretty decent I caught a total of 11 flatties and 5 channels:worship: and I dont want to name names but his screen name is Sexton.. did his personal best and ended up with 2 bluegills and a hook through his thumb... I still think he got the bluegills outta the bait bucket but who am I to bash on "great nights" fishin for someone.... all except for some mild retardation:confused2: :0010:he makes a good fishin partner when he isnt chasin butterflies and aint half bad on the spotlight till he turns it on his eyes and just sits there spellbound until I turn it off ..............actually we didnt do half bad we ended up with a couple of nice channels and one really nice flattie off of bush lines and noodles... last time we ran bush lines we had a 31 inch hybrid on
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    sounds like yall did alright. im headin out on the boat tonight to fish craines nest. i think were gona start about a mile below the dock down there.

    and did you say noodlein? i wanna do that really bad. let me know if yall go noodlin cuz i wanna go lol.

    and btw. what bait were they hittin when yall were fishin?