fishin report info for LOZ,,TRUMAN

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    heres some info and fishin report i found online .

    thought i would share this on the BOC .

    Catfish: Excellent The blue and flathead cats are all of their nests and Bob Estenbaum was out there to welcome them back this weekend. Bob caught this real nice 35# blue cat within site of the Oar House Saturday. Bob said he easily limited out and had several fish in the greater than 5# category. Bob used shad bellies and fished the flats just above the main channel drop off. I also talked to Anthony with this weekend and he said he has also been catching some really nice catfish the past couple weeks. Whenever in doubt as to what bait to use when fishing for cats always defer to fresh shad bellies if you can get them. If you have a throw net and stop in some weekend when I’m helping Bernie I’ll show you exactly where to throw your nets only 10 minutes from the Oar House. LOZ

    CATFISH: Jugs are the best of the best right now. Cut bait has been the best when fished on the flats in 15' to 20' of water. Set baits about 8'. Leeches have been producing some nice channels on the same pattern.


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    i was out untill 4 last night around the 75 mile marker,i got a few nice bites on hole shad but no luck really to talk about .guess i should have gone around the ore house id planed, ill be out there again tonight.

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    Eastern Nebr
    have they been running any generators?
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    pleasant h
    hea jeff bite has been pretty slow here but it will improve:wink: