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    New Albany indiana
    KY DNR told me over the phone that i can fish from the bank of KY on the ohio river if i have a indiana fishing liscense. I live in new albany across the river from louisville-antbody know i can go other than the falls? :eek:oooh:
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    (KRS 150.170)
    An angler with a Kentucky fishing
    license may fish the entire main stem of
    the Ohio River from a boat, or a bordering
    state’s bank without buying the
    other state’s license (bordering states include
    Illinois, Indiana and Ohio).
    This does not apply if fishing a bordering
    state’s embayments or tributaries,
    which begin at a straight line between
    opposite points where the tributary or
    embayment meets the main stem of the
    Anglers fishing from a bordering
    state’s bank must follow the size and
    creel limits of the state where the angler
    is located. For example, a Kentucky
    licensed angler can stand on the Indiana
    bank and fish the main stem of the
    Ohio River without an Indiana fishing
    license, but must abide by Indiana’s size
    and creel limits. However, anglers fishing
    from a boat must follow the size and
    creel limits of the state in which the angler
    is licensed.
    Reminder: No snagging for any fish
    species on the Indiana side or in any Indiana​
    waters of the Ohio River

    This is from the ky dept of fish and wildlife fishing regulations section

    Hope this helps man!!