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    Hey everyone I love panfishin but I've only sightfished for them. I would like to target some larger eater-sized fish, do any of you fish deep for these fish and if so how do you do it? I think float fishing would be a blast and so would letting my bait sit on the bottom. I've noticed that the fish prefer a slow sinking bait or something that moves so is a still-bait harder to catch these fish on? :confused2:
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    Pinson, Al
    The bigger Bluegill and shell crackers will bed in deeper water than
    the smaller ones. Normally at least 6' to 12' deep. I have caught them
    on the bed in 20' of water by accident fishing channels with crawlers or
    catalpa worms in the hot summer time. When you start catching them
    like that just try to cast to the same spot and if you don't get a bite
    with in a couple of minutes move it just a little and wait again. Blue
    gill bed several times a season. The only way to fish a cork like this
    is to use a slip cork and bobber stop. Most people fish on bottom with
    a split shot about 8" to a foot above the hook. If you have current you
    will have to use enough weight for your situation.