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    Could you guys gimme some advice. Whats the pros and cons of color or greyscale fishfinders....... I am going to buy one in the next week and would like some reccomendations... I don't want anything fancy.... just one that shows the floor and any structure....
  2. billcatfish

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    the pros an the cons some like the gray an some like the color as for me in this time an age is i would go with the color rather then the gray in some times if your looking a a tree on the bottem of the river there maybe a fish laying in the limbs of that tree that you might see with the color finder then with a gray it is alot easyer to pick out the fish in a color finder an if it was up to me i would not go with any thing under 4000 watts peak to peak or 480x 480 res on your screen any lower then that your going to lose a lot of structer on the bottem with out it hope this helps out

  3. BKS72

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    I like color because it gives a lot more clues as to bottom definition and what type of structure you might be seeing. That bright red from a good, rocky stretch of river bottom really stands out, as do the different shadings that tell you the difference between wood and rock. The price of color displays have come down enough that they're not terribly more expensive than the b/w models and are generally a better overall package since they're a bit more high end than the b/w models and tend to have more power, etc. Good Luck~