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    Well I did a lot of research with trying to find a new fishfinder gps combo so I figured I would let you guys know what I found. I was stuck between a Garmin 531s and a Lowrance HDS 7. Price range of 900-1200 bucks depending on the mapping. This made for a tough compromise. The garmin sounder is 400W RMS, 100W less than my old garmin and no real upgrades have been made to the sonar, so I would be getting worse sonar than I already have. All positive reviews for the Garmin on the navigation/mapping side. The Lowrance has the same positive reviews they always get with the sonar, but the navigation system is off the mark, especially if you go for the 200 dollar insight option which seems to be useless for most owners. So I decided to not compromise and went with a Furuno 620, no gps, gotta buy that seperate. 50khz vice 83 but I've never used 83 so I won't know the difference. With a Garmin 276c chartplotter, I'll still come in under 1200 bucks. I'll let you know if it worth anything or not.
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    Make sure the mapping has all the lake you plan on fishing. I got a used boat recently that came with a fishfinder, and I wanted to add a GPS. Garmin was the only one that had Lake Monticello listed as being included on the maps so that's what I got. It might have been in more, but some didn't list the lakes they included. The other ones that listed the lakes didn't include Monticello.

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    I have the Garmin 398C GpsMap,It leaves alot to be desired on the Sonar to me,I have not been pleased at all with it compared to the Lowrance.Now the GPS Mapping it is awesome on it,I would keep it for that any day.I will be buying me a Lowrance before long for Sonar use.