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    Does anyone have any experience with these motors? I have a chance to buy one. It has a repair shop tag still on it for tune-up and water pump replacement ($225.97), but it has'nt been run since, this was 6/15/2000. it looks extremely heavy. too heavy for an 18ft john? as a resuly of a divorce, i can buy this motor for $200.00 The engine was produced by Homelite (division of Textron Inc.) in Port Chester NY until 1966. In 1966 Homelite sold the rights to Richard Fisher, the founder of Boston Whaler Boats. Since the Homelite performed so well on the Boston Whaler fishing boats, it was no surprise Richard made the investment. Richard produced the engine under the Fisher-Pierce Bearcat 55 label until all production stopped in 1972, the year prior to the major oil embargo that resulted in gasoline rationing. It was no secret if he could have hung on a few more months, things may have been different for his Bearcat 55. The engine has an excellent durability track record and seldom wore out from use.

    The Homelite powerhead is a larger spin-off of the Crosley automobile engine. It features an integral head (part of the block) which eliminates the head gasket and any failures thereof. It is 59.4 cubic inches and produces 55hp at 5500rpm. With a five main bearing chrome plated forged steel crankshaft, balanced connecting rods and pistons, and a shaft driven overhead camshaft with direct action solid lifters, the wide open throttle specifications of 5500 to 6000 rpm can be tolerated day in and day out. An automotive type lubrication system with a spin on oil filter, automotive type fuel pump feeding two Tillotson side draft carburetors, regulated alternator charging system, thermostat, push key choke, and single lever gearshift with warning light and horn made the Homelite an attractive engine on the showroom floor in the 60's. The price reflected all the new technology as it listed for approximately $1499.00, about $500.00 more than the comparable 2 cycle unit.
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    I'd probably buy it because nobody else has one around here. 2oo.00 sounds cheap and if it was just repaired chances are it's good to go, unless gas has been sitting in it. Later Andy

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    And ya'll thought that 4 stroke engines were recently in the past few yrs put on the market.

    Buy the derned thing. It's a definate collectable
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    They think the same of braided line.I wonder how many know about the diesel or the OMC work and kerosene outboard motors.It would be nice to have one now and not have to worry about stale gas.Weight also hurt Bearcat sales along with the price.You can still buy them rebuilt for $1495.oo.peewee-williams