Fished Wateree today....

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    Camden, South Carolina
    Sat around the house, til I got so bored I didn't know what to do. It was either go fishing or go crazy. And the wife said go, go, go.

    Water temp, by my depth finder, was 55 degrees. That just doesn't sound right to me. But that's what it said. (The forcasted high temp today wasn't far off of that) Went with my big tackle aiming on targeting blues, but after I got soaking wet catching bait, I just went to a flat I knew and started drifting, catching 1 - 4 lb channels. Fishing cut shad in 9 - 12 ft of water. Would have been fun if I'd had the smaller tackle. Total of 12 - 14 channels. I didn't try a single one of my blue holes.

    I had the lake all to myself. Didn't see a single boat. (it was wet and a bit chilly) Got back in at 10 tonight. Wife met me at the door with a good warm hug and kiss. She must have enjoyed her little break. She had me boiled shrimp, baked potato for dinner - and a fresh pot of coffee. That's probably the first time I've gotten to fish and make the old lady happy at the same time. Whoopee!
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    Thanks for the report, Ronnie. Those channel catfish can be a lot of fun, especially, as you said, on light tackle.
    Now I know why my wife constantly encourages me to go fishing when I get a day off. She enjoys me being gone! :wink:

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    Welcome back Ronnie!