Fished the rising water last Friday....

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    I took two guys who hadn't fished the White river much out last Friday (week from yesterday) and the river was on a fast rise, going from one to three feet. My finder said the water was 65 degrees. Man, I thought we would slay em! I always thought a rising river was golden. We had fresh shad and suckers for bait. We fished about seven or eight spots and finally caught four fish -- three channels and a flat. All about five pounds. Not bad, but I thought we'd do better. The river went up yesterday, too, about the same way. Anyone fish it?
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    Congrats on catching fish.for what I have seen on post not a lot of good fishing while raining so much.
    I went as well with a buddy last weekend(friday night ) area called millwood lake with a dam and I cought a 21 pound blue and a 9 pound blue following sunday my wife on the AR. river cought a few eaters and her PB blue 10 pounder so I think we had a great weekend over all:smile2:
    If you want to see pictures go to Arkansas forum.
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    Very nice catch Greg. Gonna have to get that camera out an post some nice pic's.
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    Isn't that the way it goes?! "Perfect" conditions, you take some newbies to get them hooked, and then you catch dinks or get skunked! If you would have been by yourself you would have slayed them.

    At least you got a least you got out!