Fished the ohio river last night

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  1. gmhudak

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    Enon Valley, PA
    My wife, my buddy, and i fished the ohio river around rochester pa where the beaver river dumps in last nite from about 9pm- 1 am. I fished on the beaver earlier that day at the last hydro dam checking out the water for that night. No cats but two nice walleye 16 and 17 inches. I also caught a nice smalllie about 15 inches and a few of the white bass too with not much size.

    At night, I had one good hit on a large bluegill. The rest of the night was spent catching large 14-16 inch crappies, white bass, and a few freshwater drum. The current was still quick and the water was definitely not clear due to the last few weeks of rain.

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  2. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    Geoff - Congrats on the catch! Sounds like a nice evening of fishing. That's some darn nice size Crappies!

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    Thats a really nice crappie, Nice Catch
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    Crappies are a fun time as well as smallies. I usually like to fish for them after I put out mt cattin' rods. Nice crappies ya' got there!