Fished the Missouri river Saterday.

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by Rusty, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Rusty

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    Spickard Missouri
    The Weather was suppose to be great Saturday so My dad and I decided to try the Missouri river near Brunswick Mo. We got there about daylight and made the Trip down the Grand to the Missouri. The ramp at Brunswick is still in good working order. We were using fresh cut shad. We fished most of the day. We did real well till about noon. after that the wind started to blow and the fish didn't seem to be able to find the bait in that high wind. We caught 18 cats. Everything we caught ran from 2# to 10# nothing big but got some good eaters. All were channels but two small blues, put them back to grow bigger. The cats that we caught were all in at least 20 foot of water.
    Don't give up just cause the weather is cold, the fish are still biting and they taste better out of that cold water.
  2. just cats

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    Leslie Missouri
    Congratulations on the good fishing day. Sounds like the channels were hitting really well. You guys did a heck of a lot better than most that I've been hearing from lately. I've only been on the river a couple times in the last six weeks and I didn't do squat, neither has anyone else around here that I have talked to. I'm not going out again til either the river comes up a few feet or spring gets here, whichever comes first.

  3. BKS72

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    East of KC
    Took the neighbor and my 7 year old out on Sunday. They just wanted to catch fish, so I set them up on a spot for channels and they caught 20 or so in about 2 hours. Nothing over 2 pounds, but they had a ball catching them. I had a blast watching the kid reel them in all day as well.
  4. cougar

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    Green Ridge, Missouri
    We went out sunday. Because the boat motor is still tore down we attempted to try the canoe. We started at Coopers Landing and made it up river to Perche Creek we had to stay along the shore, paddling up river but we made it. The problem was we could not find any bait and was limited how far we could go. This was about 2:00pm and it had been drizzling all day. We gave up at dark without any luck.