Fished the guad below Mcqueeny

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    I made me 6 jugs like the library instructions said out of pool noodles and pvc. Had to put white duct tape on them..texas law.

    Anyway, dropped my kayak below Mcqueeny netted a bunch of perch and went looking for big cat water. The guad changes alot from shallow to deep and there was alot of boaters around so I drifted over some shallow stuff and was all by myself. I found a real nice bend with huge rocks at least 10 feet down. set five jugs out at different depths. The sixth one wasn't rigged..guess I forgot. I didn't have any tarred twine in the boat so I rigged it with 50 pound mono. The jugs drifted around the bend while I fished DK's on a slip bobber. I motered to them and saw a huge shadow dart away from the mono jug. The perch was destroyed. Guess he got away cause the mono jug was way behind the others. I liked the bend alot so I motered way up the creek and set em down again...nothing. wasted alot of time with small channel cats and did one more drift with the jugs right at dark. I watched em as they drifted around the bend. I was tired and disgusted cause I work so hard and no bites. As I motered toward the bend I saw the top of a jug dancing around the outside bend. I cut the moterand paddled in to see an 8 pound yellow cat trying to swim down. He seemed whooped till I tryed to pull him in. I ended up letting go of the jug for fear of popping the 50 pound test. I collected the other jugs and came back and picked up the yellow cat he fought a bit more but was pretty tired. I was so amazed and proud..I let him go...Man I am so hooked on jug fishing.

    I only got bites on the jug with mono line. The water was fairly clear could this be why? Lots of work but it was fun.
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    Sounds like you had a fun time, Frank. And welcome to Jug Fishing. It gets addicting. I have fished the San Marcos river out of luling, and the Guad in Gonzales county. I have used both tarred line and heavy mono line, and I have found that it really does not have that much of a differrence on my jugs catching fish. Hope this helps.

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    I fish the Quadalupe river at 5H lake and use jugs about half the time and limb lines the other half. I tend to catch smaller cats on jugs than the limb lines. I bait with live perch and fresh dead shad. The line size and color does not seem to make a difference. I keep my jugs in place with a weight on the bottom to prevent so many hangups. Never had a bad trip yet. Catfishjon
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    Killeen, TX
    I fish the same way, and have about the same results.

    I normall catch the smaller fish on Jugs & Trotlines and the monsters on the limblines.

    I've been using the Funnoodles since they 1st came out. it's easy to fit 10 of them in a 5 gallon bucket. It sure is fun to grab a noodle, just for it to come flying out of your hand and you gotta chase it for a while :big_smile:

    Try some "Vinyl Paint" for car interiors on your noodles, it won't dissolve the foam and stays on quite well.