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    Got out sat. after noon. Wind was blowing out of the north real good water temp.56 There was a bass thing going on so the river was full of bass boats too ruff out there for them. The shore at the launch was full of fishermen and they were getting a few. We were after a meat run so we went out past the bouy's out 1.5mi along the drop off on the east side. there's allway,s alot of smaller ones there, well not on sat. They bit steady right up to 8:00. Took my boy and his buddy Patrick and had a riot. Patrick got a 7lb.on his first cast, his biggest cat up to then and thing's got better. He ended up getting a 10lb 11oz. He hooked a monster[and I mean a MONSTER] on 6lb.test{forgive me they said the wallies were there. It won,t happen again}he got it to the boat witch was no small feat but when it saw the boat it took off under pealed 20yd.s of line then hit high gear and pow it,s over. Enough to make a man cry!! We landed 22 fish lost a bunch. 7 under 5lb. the eater's and 7 master anglers. We try'ed out deeper for an hour and never had a bite. The cat's were a mix of post pree and ready to spawn fish. It's a little late for them I think but it should be good fishing for 2 week's The gas price must be gettin the boaters cause after the bass guy,s left at 5:00 I saw 3 other boat's as far as you could see[no pressure fishing] CAN'T WATE TO GO AGAIN.