Fished before work yesterday.

Discussion in 'ARKANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by whisker maniac, May 16, 2009.

  1. whisker maniac

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    I went down to the little spillway at Calion Yesterday and fished for a few hours before going to work that afternoon.

    There were several folks lined up there beside the little flooded spillway fishing for Bream. I figured if they was catching bream there that maybe just maybe some cats had moved in there after the bream.

    Well I fished for about 4 hours using cut skip jack for bait and never got a bite.

    The river is starting to go down a little now but it is still extremely flooded. The parking lots and ramps on the canal going out from the spillway to the main river are still completely underwater by several several feet.

    I shoulda took some pics of it but I didn't ... sorry
  2. Smellycat

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    Harrison Arkans
    Well thank`s for the report anyway Kevin. Looks like the weather might get better around here, finally.

  3. fishstick

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    Fouke, Arkansas
    kev i've fished below the wright patman dam here for the last 2 weekends and havent gotten a bite. i dont think the blues have gotten up there yet. the water temp last weekend was 74 degrees but had fallen to 71 yesterday. it shouldnt be too much longer though.