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    How far down the Cape Fear qualifies as good catfishing waters? I know some typical areas and some areas on the NE Cape Fear that we fish, but never really hear anyone talk about sort of the "limits" of how much tolerance cats have in this river. White cats can be caught all the way into the brackish estuaries, but that's more toward their natural liking. Flatheads I suppose won't get anywhere near saltwater...but channels and blues I'd think would be fairly tolerant. I've hear "stories" of blue cats being caught right in Wilmington, but nothing verified. I figured that the water there would have a pretty high salinity...anyone know for sure?
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    Below lock#1 and on into the Wilmington area is very good bluecat water. There's also flatheads caught below the lock.

    The bluecat in my picture was caught down there, and I'll be going after some more soon.

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    I think alot is going to depend on flow also. I've caught small flatheads close to Fort Fisher.