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    The Mrs and I have been camping on the Big Manistee and the fish have been on the bite. Now for all you people south of Michigan this is a relative statement as we don't catch the numbers you in the south do, that being said. We caught (she caught) six on Saturday and we caught six on Sunday. All nice fish from 4 to ? pounds. The ? is because I got one last night that has not been weighed at this time. Once we get back to the campground we have a friend with a digital scale that is going to weigh it. I am guessing 8 or 9 pounds but until its weighed I cant say for certain. All the fish we caught were in 3 to 5 feet of water, in or along the edge of the weeds. She hooked one last night and while I was getting the net ready to net the fish, one hit my line and I had to hold him till I got hers netted and then went back to fighting mine then she put the net under the big one I mentioned. Man what a blast. We were going to come home last night but after the number of fish we caught we decided to leave the camper there and go back after work tonight to give them another try. We did take photos but the camera is in the camper, when we get home I will download the batch.