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    I have gotten a few questions from folks asking about "special handling" of our herring bait trays, so I thought I would post something to help.

    About vacuum-packed bait: As most of you already know, the vacuuming is the BEST way to protect the bait. No air in the pack means no moisture/ice/freezer burn, and our bait in particular can last in your freezer for over a year (if you keep it in the back or on the bottom where it stays nice and cold all the time).

    But vacpacks take some care when thawing.

    Specifically, the vacuum must be broken/punctured when you take the bait out to thaw. A small knife cut or a poke with a gaff is fine. This releases the pressure from the vacuum seal. If the pack is not punctured, the pressure from the vacuum presses on the thawing fish, which will mash the fish as it thaws and then it won't hold up on the hook as well.

    The way I do it is I puncture the tray as I take it out of the freezer and put it in the cooler. So that way there is no chance that the thaw could hurt it.

    Best way to tell if a tray has been allowed to thaw? Look for blood in the tray/pack - if there is a lot of blood, it's started to thaw and the vacuum pressed the blood right out of the fish.

    This goes for you guys who are fortunate enough to get a LOT of your own skippies and use a "foodsaver" or other vac-machine.

    Hope this helps! PM, email or call with questions!

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