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Discussion in 'LOCAL CALIFORNIA TALK' started by Keith@fishon, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Keith@fishon

    Keith@fishon New Member

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to let y'all in California know that we have another bait option for you. But first, if you haven't seen our BOC page, here it is, take a look:

    Also, if you are looking to get some high quality frozen baits for your next fishing trip, take a look at our other thread on here regarding our frozen anchovy and herring products being sold at area Wal-Mart locations in California, Arizona, and Nevada (WA, OR & AK too):

    There are some 40+ Californa Wal-Mart locations who now carry both products. As always, give the Sporting Goods manager of your local Wal-Mart a shout before you stop in, because some locations don't have a freezer.

    Also, be sure to ask when you get to the fishing section, because sometimes they keep the frozen baits in the back.

    Shoot me a pm if you have any questions on locations, etc. Just looking to help because I know that bait (fish) can be hard to get sometimes.

  2. daystarchis

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    Clovis Cali
    Any wally world carry them in Fresno/Clovis area?

  3. janzaldo

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    South Gate, Cal
    Hi Keith, I have not had a chance to check out he other Walmarts, but will very soon. We have a big gathering in Cental California known to hold those double digit channels and stripe bass.
    I am so looking foward to trying your anchovies and herring.