Fish oil for depression

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    i recently had a discussion with my girlfriend regarding a freind of hers who was going through a bout of depression, as well as what he was going through with his prescribed meds and his shrink. thought it might be helpful to someone if i share it. apparently my GF's friend was doing just fine and then about 2 years ago he got into a depressive slump that has progressed over time. he started seeing a shrink who has apparently been using his as a guinea pig pushing all kinds of heavy drugs on him while constantly downgrading his condition, starting at "mildly depressed" to what he labels now as "schizophrenic" and "bi-Polar". he is on such heavy drugs now that he is in a zombie state all the time. i told my girlfriend around when we first met that i had went through a very depressive state several years before and explained how i beat it......FISH OIL! i had went through an almost identical circumstance when i was seeing my shrink, he started off prescribing me mild meds which worked great and had little side affects and over time had me on "zombie pills" while each month having me try even heavier stuff. it was about the time i had realized how much i was a zombie that i heard about fish oil from my moms friend (who was a shrink) as well as from a magazine article. according to my moms friend he could "cure schizophrenia and depression over time" with massive doses of fish oil, the same fish oil you get in the vitamin isle in the store. apparently there is something about the Omega-3 fatty acids that affect seratonin levels in the brain. to make a long story short, he could not get the OK to go ahead with doing experiments on a larger scale and was even threatened to have his medical liscense suspended at one time. so, going on his advice i started taking 3 fish oil tablets (not cod liver oil!) a day and then starting a month later weening myself off of the prescribed meds. i told my doc about what i was doing and he absolutely flipped out, telling me i would "end up worse than when i started" (not like i wasnt worse off then!). after 2-3 months i was off of the meds (and away from the quack doc) and then after 8 months off the fish oil as well......CURED! not saying this is a cure-all but it worked for me and might work for Dave as well. :wink: if you do a yahoo search you can find a boat load of info on this subject!
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    doesn't help me much..i am a little depressed, but it is because i can't fish...and when i do go i can't catch them:embarassed:

    so how am i to get fish oil:eek:oooh:

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    You can buy it by the gallon at Bass Pro.I believe that one of the best cures for depression is to soak a sponge or rag in fish oil,put it on a hook and fish with it.Unfortunately many shrinks have more troubles and more drugs in them than their patients.They know more about their selves than they do anyone else.If they cain;t help themselves with their knowledge,how in the world can they be capable of handling anyone else's?I have the best shrink in the world and he not only makes house calls,he will go fishing and everywhere else with me.I use God.It works for me!I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee