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    Eliza, Illinois
    I had a major winter kill in my pond the winter before last and lost everything except some bluegill and fathead minnows that somehow survived. I had a DNR fish botanist come out to determine a cause and he said that coontail combined with a lack of aeration choked out the oxygen. I need to introduce Sonar in the pond to kill the coontail. The problem is, is that with all the rain we have been getting, my overflow tube is constantly running and Sonar has to remain in the pond for I believe 30 days to become effective. And as pricey as it is, I don't want to waste my money. My question is; Can I still put in my bass and catfish before I put Sonar in. I know the Sonar won't kill the fish but I am worried that the overflow tube will continue to run all summer and I won't get it put in before winter arrives. I did install 2 aerators in the pond to keep it open during the winter so maybe the O2 depletion won't be as bad. Hoping that someone out there has been through this and can give me some advice. Also, my pond is about 3 acres. Should I put in any grass carp and if so, how many?
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    I don't see why not..The aerators should help..I'm installing one this afternoon in a friends pond as a matter of fact..I don't think the grass carp will help immediately..It usually takes a year for them to establish any control over grass..If you do decide to put some carp for future grass control though use about 10-15 per acre..

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    Mmm. My pond is 3 acres... I have 3 GC per acre and They run outta green stuff by mid summer. I also use aqua shade and my pond is like pool water!
    2 acres are pretty deep 24'-16' and the shallow acre is 10'-4'
    See a pic of the water in my sons picture in my user profile using aquashade in your pond that constantly would just be futile.... so GC is about your best shot unless tou can do some sort of controlled divertion of some kind. Also depending on the lay of you land wind help areation also if it blows the serface of the water. if you can just move trees or cut a hill so that wind get to it. I went through great pains while engineering my lake to acomplish this... but it has paid of and I aways have perfect water.