Fish in River or Lake?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by miichael, Jun 28, 2006.

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    North Carolina
    Wheres the best all out spot to catch flatheads? Theres a lake here in NC called high rock which has flatheads in it. also the river that runs into it has flatheads but water depth is 3-6 feet deep in the river. I caught a 40lb flat head in the mouth of the lake still up in the river in a bend in about 14 ft water. should i be fishing this little river of should i be hitting the lake? Also with this river being so shallow with very few holes do the big flatheads lay in the log jams during the day in 3 foot of water? or do they find deeper water in day? We caught tons of bream around the log jams during the day. looks like if a big flathead was laying there in the day the bream wouldn't be there or he would be full? We caught 40+ bream on one good log jam 3 ft of water. Whats your advice fish log jam at night and fish the drop off in day? or fish the shallow log jam both day and night?
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    That is a tough one, some of it depends on what time of year. I seem to have better luck during the summer months fishing water that is moving, and contains more oxygen, and is cooler. In this case I would imagine the fish would be in the deeper water during the day, and move into the shallower areas at night to feed. During spawning pre and post periods, God only knows, as they can get a little unpredictable. They will generally look for clean, well oxyginated, somewhat shallow water, at least that is where I have found them. Don't be all that concerned at night with structure, or getting right on top of structure, I am a firm believer that if they are feeding, they are going to be out in some open water at times, if for nothing else, it allows them to ambush their prey.

    Don't know if this is any help or not.....kind of rambling huh?:smile2:

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    on the lake we fish, during may, the flatheads move up the creek channels and we we'll catch huge fish where the river channel is only 6 feet deep and there's still some current from the river moving into the lake. Fishing right there this time of year is a waste though. We aren't catching any fish in that creek channel. All of our flatheads are being caught in the main part of the lake were the creek channel is 50 to 60ft deep.
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    I don't think the one you caught was luck...I'd stay with what worked for you already. After reading these experienced hunter's on here, I'd say in the mouth or up river around drop offs, holes, and structure (especially log-jams) would give you the best success.
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