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    couldnt find a review for hooks . we have one for rods , reels and line but not hooks . iv started a poll on this before but thought id refresh this a little with more info , now that iv tried bout every hook there is .

    circle hooks , i dont care for them there designed to protect the fish not hook the fish plus you have to determine what size hook to use . this being said do you know what size fish you will catch , i doubt it . the gap between the hook shank and the point is the key , if the fish has a big lip the hook will roll off with out punctureing the skin .

    take a circle hook tie it on a line , place the hook in your hand make a fist and pull the line in an effort to pull the hook out of your hand it will most of the time come rite out .

    "j" hooks are designed to catch fish the point is there to stick in and stay . take a "j" and try the above and you will be hooked guarenteed .

    king kahles are good as well but iv had them straighten out under a load do to the shank being so thin , these hooks work well but there wire size is just a bit small for me
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    j" hooks are designed to catch fish the point is there to stick in and stay . take a "j" and try the above and you will be hooked guarenteed .

    I use J-hooks almost all the time and a variation of the J-hook in a tru-turn hook. Like you I have tried the circles and they are not for me.

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    A friend and I were having the same discussion on our fishing trip a few weeks ago. I use Kahles a lot, but the area of the lake I primarily fish is one I don't expect to catch a cat over 10 lbs. He uses kahles too, but when fishing bigger baits, has gone back to J hooks. For off shore salt water bait fishing, though, he prefers circles.

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    Circle hooks will also catch fish when used properly. Found and always use a couple of brands that are quite good. Can't say I've ever tangled with a big cat with one. But I'm sure it will work. With circles its all in the gap,baitin the hook properly and patience. JMO!
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    Have use tried the Daiichi Bleeding Bait Hooks? I have come to like the octopus wide. I have had consistent results using these and nothing to complain about.
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    Agreed !

    I am not a person that uses only one kind a equipment to the exclusion of any other. I am pretty much an all tackle angler. I have every thing in the way of hooks from the tiny sized 28 dry fly hooks all the way to the size 12/0 heavy hooks. They all have thier own appropriate place and use.

    As I understand, the Circle hook was originally developed by long line commercial fisherman and they were not really concerned with the welfare of the fish especially, but, they were mostly concerned with catching and keeping the fish on the line. Circle hooks can be quite effective when used appropriately.

    My biggest challenge is remembering which rod I have which hook on, as I have the tendency to do multiple presentations on different rods at the same time.

    One thing to remember is that if a person fishes a Circle hook as if it were a J hook, the fish will probably be lost upon the attempted hook set. And conversely, if the J hook is fished like a Circle hook, there is a good chance that the fish will be able to spit it out and would not hook itself.

    With a thin wire Kahle hook, it should be fished like any thin wire hook - that being by allowing the rod to carry the load and not relying of the hook to bare the brunt of the force. If a person is fishing heavy cover, the terminal tackle needs to be suited to the necessity of horsing a fish out of cover quickly - thin wire hooks are not designed to accomplish that effectively.

    The key is to match the hook, the fishing line, the rod and the reel, to the presentation and the fish being targeted.

    A person may not know what fish will take the hook, but a little research on the body of water before hand, can help the fisherman to know what could be in there, and then the angler can be better prepared with the appropriate gear to handle the largest potential fish there.

    That said, I have caught a very large catfish on a relatively small sized 10 thin wire octopus hook on ultralight 4# test line while intending to target little white bass for catfish bait. It was a great battle and I did eventually land the fish. But, the success was due mostly to the rod and the reel's drag - not the hook.
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    During the summer when the big blue cats are frieght training the baits. tight lining with a circle hook is nearly fool proof. I had a 95% hook up rate with circles. During the summer Gamakatsu octipus circles is all I use. But for this time of the Year when the bite iis not nearly as aggressive smaller octipus hooks work better.
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    The key thing is matching your bait size to the proper hook size. That being said I have landed 30 pound blue's with water temp in the mid 40's on 3/0 circle hooks. I have also landed channels that don't even make 1 pound on 8/0 circle hooks. Yes J hooks work and I still use them for some types of fishing I do. Although the only time I find myself using J's is when fishing only for channels. They peck at there food more so then other cats. I think this has a lot more to do with why people don't like them. They don't have the verity of cats and waters as I'm lucky to have near my home.

    "circle hooks , i dont care for them there designed to protect the fish not hook the fish plus you have to determine what size hook to use . this being said do you know what size fish you will catch , i doubt it . the gap between the hook shank and the point is the key , if the fish has a big lip the hook will roll off with out punctureing the skin."

    I see your point here but everything is disputable on this one. The key thing between the hook point and the shank is making sure it's not full of bait. You do not want to big of bait on the size hook you are using. Which is the case for any hook. Also you mention how if you put the hook in your hand make a fist and pull out. Yes it is going to come out without hooking yourself. This is do to the fact that the point is angled in. Now make it more real life and make your hand into a C shape take that same hook and line lay the hook and line over your finger or corner of your hand. Pull the line away from your hand. When the hook gets to your hand it will rotate and then only then will you understand how the circle hooks work. Remember you don't set the hook you let the fish move off in a natural way making them hook them selfs. Like all hook brands some are better then others......
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    Ah, the great hook debate! This is a topic that certainly warrants much discussion! I use J-hooks, kahles and circle hooks all with success under the proper conditions. The j-hook is the tried and true choice ever since I started fishing nearly 40 years ago. You can't go wrong with a j-hook under most circumstances but with that being said as I started targeting larger cats a few years back I discovered that the large kahle hooks seemed to be a better choice for using large live bait due to the wide gap. This past year I tried circle hooks for the 1st time and was pleased with the results. It took a bit of getting used to since I've been "setting the hook" from the day I began fishing but I discovered I enjoyed watching the rod load up and fish on. I will continue to use all 3 styles in the future. In fact I'm going fishing for Walleye this afternoon and the J-hook will be the style of choice on this trip! Great discussion so far gentlemen!:cool2:
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    i have landed several 20-28 pounds blue cats on cheap 5/0 circles but what i done is put on my clicker and when it starts singing i put the reel in gear and kinda jerked back about 3 times with pretty good pressure.
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    Actually, circle hooks were designed to keep the fish from throwing the hook. The fact that the fish is left relatively unharmed was an unexpected (and uncared about) bonus.
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    My biggest concern about circles on flatheads is that most hook ups are in the corner of the mouth. Thats the easiest spot on a flathead for him to rip out the hook if you are trying to keep him outta the big snag. I prefer the Gamma octopus J hook. Only 1 in 10 are hooked in the corner, I never know till I get him up If I shoulda used that much pressure. But with those odds I'll continue to fight them hard. If I lose one here or there because of it I can live with it.
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    Good topic. I'm learning some new, some old. It's interesting to hear the results different anglers get.
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    I use J hooks and the tru turns(which is still a J) and wont use circles.
    Just look at a circle hook, they make no sense to me.
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    I like to use all the styles, but have had the most difficulty with remembering which rod has which hook.

    * I don't think I will ever stop setting the hook... Habits are sometimes hard to break. I have tried the circle, have caught fish with the circle. But can't find consistent results like I can with the old tried and true.

    Here are some bait/hook combinations that are usually tied to my cat fishing rigs:

    Live gill~ Octopus or a "J" style hook, (size varies with size of gill).
    Cut gill/cut carp, or raw shrimp~ Khale hook
    Live Carp up to a few pounds~ Big river hooks 10/0 or 12/0~ Sometimes with a treble hook stinger on the nose.
    Night crawlers~ J style, treble, or khale
    Stink/dough bait~ Treble.