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    I would like the thank the BOC members on the information about the fish finder 797c2 and the 997c2. I have not bought any finder yet.I am the type of guy who will wait and wait before investing money on just about anything.I would like also any input on other types of fish finders you guys have used or are useing. I have a need to know and the way i see it there is no better way than to ask people that know period.Every company brags on what they sell as the best this and that.Only when a product is used for a period of time will the answer be made known clearest.Again thanks for the info.:worship:
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    I have a 997 Csi Unit from Himminbird, this unit is the most updated unit you can buy, for watt's and pixel it's hard to beat. Once you get a unit like this the process is not just going fishing with it, you got to spend a few days without fishing rods to learn the unit. This seems to be the hard part that most fishermen can't seem to do.

    This unit has so much information and can locate fish for you its just unreal. This unit this summer put close to 2000 catfish in our boat with fish at the size of 89 Lbs to 85 lbs and 83 lbs, and a lot of fish in the 70s all the way down to 6 lb fish.

    There is a section on this board that I posted several pictures of this unit in action, and fish located that we caught. Understand what fish you are targeting is very important for this unit.

    I had a X-135 Fish Finder from Lawrence , its a darn good unit, and if anyone don't have the money to spend for these bigger units you will not go wrong with it. I caught alot of fish off the X-135 watched my fishing lines and watch catfish come up and hit my lines with it.

    The Humminbird can do all that plus a lot more. now speaking of the 797 Csi I have not used this unit but I know several people that use it with good results the only different with it and the 997 Csi is size of screen , Pixels and watts. Which means a lot to me when I am fishing.

    If you look at this page it should help you a lot.

    If you have any questions there is several here on this site that will bend over backwards to assist you.


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    Eric also the 797 only has 455 kHz / (2) 86˚ @ -10db not the 800 KHz so its only getting half of the picture of the 997.