Fish Finders or good ol fashoned luck?

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  1. charbob4jesus

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    I would like the opinion of others. Thanks.
  2. Catfish_Commando

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    Get the best fish finder you can afford without breaking your bank. I have seen a few members who bank fish use the Smart Cast, and they give it high marks also.

    You wont regret it.


    BIG GEORGE New Member

    If anything electronics is gonna keep ya outa trouble. Lower units are expensive. LOL! Knowin what the bottom looks like as far as contour goes is a big plus. This along with changes in depth that they show will tilt the odds in your favor. :cool2:
  4. Dave53

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    Seeing fish on a finder does not put them in the boat but it sure as heck raises the chance that you will be able to put a few in the boat..if we are drifting jugs we watch to see what level the fish are holding at and set out a few lines at that depth. If I find a lot of debre on the bottom with fish in the area I will set a few lines down to see if any are hungry. I think someone said that most of the fish are in 10% of the water..that leaves a lot of water with no fish..the other thing I like about my fishfinder is when the depth is rising fast you can move to the center of the river or have a chance to slow down without getting stuck on a sand/mud is really frustrating when you are running 60 yards from the bank and hit bottom from a submirged sand bar. I actually run two on the back of my jon great to verify what I am really looking at..I have one set at medium sinsitivity and the other on seems to show bigger fish and the other everything that is in the water from floating leaves to fish..I used to fish at areas that looked good to me...since having fish finders on my boat I try to watch the bottom to see what looks good to them.
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    Even with a sonar there is still some luck involved in fishing but also a lot of what I call "water craft" that doesn't involve the sonar or luck at all.

    Without a sonar there is no need to rely on luck alone. From shore or boat, lake or river, you can use techniques to find the depth, humps, channels, weedlines etc.
    On rivers you can read current and fish the breaks and eddies. On lakes you can fish the windward shore and high percentage areas such as rip-rap, blow downs and points.
    I have a great sonar but it is only a tool. I still rely on topo maps, observation and water craft.
    'Course if I get skunked, it's just plain bad luck:wink::wink:...W
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    My dad told me the key to catching fish is to ,fish where the fish are. Buy the best electronics your budget allows you to . It will not only help you catch more fish it will teach you more than you realize as how fish move and relate to different parts of a body of water, by being able to see the structure the counours the creek and road beds all this teaches you about the fish and where they live. Oh yea an as George said lets you know where that rock or bottom is :smile2:
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    I used to just rely on what i seen, now its a must. One for safety so i dont run to shallow and damage my boat. Two finding the structure under water and if there is fish there or not. I picked up two hummingbirds today one for the bow/trollingmotor, and one for the hull when moving. I didnt have to have the one in front but i like to shut off main engine before the hole so it dont stir up the fish too much,then troll around it looking for fish. If i like what i see i then anchor and fish. I was able to get two brand new fish finders for about $400.00 not bad.
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    I believe that graphs are like most tools used in fishing like bait rods reels ect. If you dont have confidence in it. You will not be happy with it. Always keep an open mind and have the paitance and learn how to use it. They are a great tool to have. I got gps on mine because I run the Mo river at night and it is great to follow your trail back so you can miss the dykes and other things that like to cause problems at night. Stay with in your budget. There are many choices from around 100 dollars and up to what ever you want to spend.