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  1. Golden

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Any suggestions on what would be the best first fish finder? Ive been looking around and im juts kind of lost with all the options and brands. I don't want to spend a lot. I do think i want the fish finder and the gps all in 1. you know so i can save my good spots on it. Any and all suggestions would be awesome.
  2. Slatebar

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    I have a Lowrance 135X on the front of my boat and a Lowrance 480 (LCM I think) on the consol. The 480 is FF/GPS and I really like it. It is a black and white discontinued model and you can pick them up pretty reasonable. Easy to use to. It is equipted to take the map card. Makes it pretty handy when fishing unfamiluar waters. Only drawback I have found is if you blow the antena you are looking at about $175.00 replacement cost. :angry: The 135X is a very good,easy to use fishfinder sonar. :smile2: you can go over to bass boat centeral and look in there classified under electronics and find some really good bargins on both new and used ff's and gps's
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  3. rasmotherman

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    salineville, ohio
    humminbird is usually cheapest but i would get a lowrance if i could