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Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by Manny, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Manny

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    Arnold, Mo
    Been looking into fish finders and only have about $400.00 Max to spend.

    #1 Can some one explain why color is better than black and white ?

    #2 Can tranducers be changed ? ( Reason im asking is that the existing one on my boat is on the hull and would like to move that one to trolling motor and put the new one on the hull.)

    #3 What are the must haves on a fish finder ? ( besides the obvious depth and temp)

    I will be fishing mainly rivers so lake maps would do me really no good , and i already have a GPS.

    Would i be better off just buying a $200.00 Hummingbird with the basics?
    Just would like to know some reasons why ones better than the other.

    Thanks, Manny
  2. whisker maniac

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    buy one with the most resolution that you can afford. The better the resolution the better the reading or picture and the better you can make things out on the screen.

  3. rspd507

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    Rising Sun,IN
    I would recommend the Lowrance x-135. Its a black and white finder but very powerful for the money and falls into your price range. It costs $399 at Bass Pro. The color units are easier to read during the day and id say easier to distinguish between structure on the bottom. The x-135 has 4000 watts peak to peak power and marks fish and structure very well. And yes, transducer's can be moved or replaced. As a matter of fact, i just had mine replaced under warranty from Lowrance with no questions asked. They back there product 100% and have top notch customer service. I spoke to them about my problem on Monday and had a new one delivered to my door the following Thursday. Hopes this helps you some and good luck with whatever unit you buy. rspd507