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    I was looking around the Indiana DNR site and found this link to Fish Consumption, it is issued annually by the Indiana Department of Health. After reading through it, it was the most disturbing thing I have seen in a long while.

    I knew we had pollution problems here, but to see that practically every lake, river and stream is under some level of advisory is pretty depressing. The majority seem to be PCB advisories with several for mercury thrown in. Species of fish doesn't make a lot of difference, everything from cats to perch are on it.

    I know I sent letters to DNR, state reps and senators stating that cleaning up our waterways needs to become a priority or there will be no safe waters to pass on to our kids and grandkids. I hope others will feel the same and contact their local representatives as well.
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    i agree its a big problem brother harold. they say our waters are cleaner than they were in the early 70s though. cleaning up mans blunders takes alot of time and never is erased. i try to enlighten some folks about the stringer of big fish they have, but most dont believe the consumption adviseries are true.

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    lol, life on this planet is hazardous to your health. I usually limit my consumption to a couple fish-frys a year. There are definately waters I wouldn't eat fish from though.

    I wish you luck, I spent over 2 years trying to get someone from the local rep all the way to "Mitchy" to listen to me......they got no time, unless it's election time, then you might get some bogus "interest", but it'll quickly fade. I can only speak for myself, but "regular Joes" got no say anymore, they just foot the bill.

    I've watched the illegals dumping the trash from their vehicles all-over the place, doesn't seem anyone wants to eliminate that problem either. No one cares anymore, this country's goin' to hell in a hurry, everyone knows it......just too busy trying to find a way to make a buck from it.


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    I hear it bro's, I dont eat fish out of our local rivers anymore. But I have 7 and 6 year old kids that love to eat fish from the lake not bought in the store.

    I've told them someday I wont clean the fish out of the lake to eat, The look on there faces said it all to me.

    Like Smitty said, almost to late and most dont care.

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    I have read the facts from the DNR, but if u look at it they say that steal water is worse then moving water.:0a23: We eat it if we catch it and thats just away of life in my family summer is full of catching and winter is full of eating. We will keep an eye on the big ones and filter them out as long as they live, but we love to eat them.
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    I saw that in the DNR magazine (Indiana) and it lists the waters that are not fit to eat fish out of. I was really surprised how many spots there are. It's sad thats for sure.