Fish consumption advisories

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    The subject of mercury and fish consumption advisories came up in a post in the rivers section, and I thought I'd bring it up here, too.

    SC DHEC's fish consuption advisories for last year can be found in the form of a clickable map. Here it is:

    As a matter of fact, the location of this info is important enough that maybe this should be a "sticky" post in the SC section?
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    I'm really amazed to see how many fish are took home to be ate. I fish 12-mile a lot and that's about the worst place there is to eat fish out of, yet people bring home stringers of fish anyway.

    I for one think it should be a law to post fish advisories at every bridge where fishermen are likely to be...... In fact the advisory should be welded to a trash can so we can keep things cleaner while we are at it.


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    Ah heck just go ahead and eat em just make the bathroom glow in the evenings and mornings:smile2: Seriously though it is a shame that most of our bodies of water are not safe to eat fish from(by gov't standards) The lakes here in GA are just as bad Its just a shame that these thing were not thought through before the chance of something like this happening years ago