Fish Cleaning Station

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    Are you cleaning your fish over a too small cutting board? I was. When we got in from fishing one of us would have to stand bending over the tailgate of my truck cleaning fish and wishing there was a better place to do it.
    I saw a nice cleaning table last year and wanted one. but just had to wait a while before getting one.

    This summer I bought a small wire welder and went scrounging at the salvage yard for material. What I ended up with turned out pretty good. I ordered a Marine Grade cutting board for the top. I had to make sure it was UV protected. I didn't want it bubbling or separating after I went to the trouble to make it. After a few evenings of cutting material and dobbing it together with the welder I got it pretty close. I think the only thing I am going to add is maybe a towel rack and a hook to catch the water hose on.

    My fishing buddies and I will have a place to work now that will not strain our backs.