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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by flint4045, May 28, 2007.

  1. flint4045

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    I purchased some fish bites yah mahn catfish bait at my locale bait shop. I tried the shad flavor and did catch a couple of eating size fish on them. I havent had a chance to really try them yet on a good outing. I bought shad and worm flavor they had liver to I may get some of that to try also.
    For those of you that have never heard of fish bites bait, it is some sort of artficialy flavorod bait. I have used blood worm fish bites with good success for spot and coaker on the rappahannock and potomac rivers. {in Virginia}
    I hope the catfish stuff works as well.
    If any one else has tried it how did you like it?
  2. jbarnes17

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    Commerce, Oklahoma
    Let us know how it works. Keep us posted.

  3. tncatfishing

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    clk. tn
    Tried it on some trotlines last year did not work for me, might of been to cold out. Keep us posted .
  4. rivercatsc

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    South Caro
    Ive used it several times with limited success mostly small channels and blues. I had decent success the first time I used it but not since then. I caught a 1lb channell on the shad this weekend. Good luck and keep us posted. I have also used the saltwater stuff and it really works swo I dont know why the catfish wont.