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Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by dhogue, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. dhogue

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    O'Fallon, MO
    Where is there a good place to catch skip jack, on the Mississippi or Missouri river, I'm in the O'Fallon/ST.Charles area.

    Devlyn Hogue
  2. just cats

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    Leslie Missouri
    Welcome to the BOC . I'm still looking for a good place on the Mo. to catch skips, I'm not sure there is a "good" place . The only ones I catch on the river are accidental when I'm catching shad . I have seen small ones up near the bank late afternoons, early evenings, a couple times chasing minnows and they aren't hard to catch with a cast net but they are little buggers,four or five inches long and I don't see them doing that very often . A few guys on here catch them with jigs , but I haven't been able to do that myself, still trying. I can't say about the Mississippi since the last time I fished it was around thirty years ago, two hundred miles north of here. I do know that they are a bit easier to come by on the Miss than on the Mo according to what I hear on here. Good luck, you've found a great site brother.

  3. Mickey

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    Welcome to the BOC Devlyn. I can't answer your question but there will be someone on here that will. You will enjoy this web site.:0a25: :0a25: :0a23:
  4. jdstraka

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    Council Bluffs, Iowa
    Welcome to the B.O.C.Devlyn. J.D.:big_smile:
  5. Michael Jake

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    Troy, Missouri
    Howdy neighbor, welcome to the BOC Devlyn, great folks and lots of good information here. In about 2 months from now the skip jack will be more concentrated getting ready for the spawn. You can find them now off a wing dike or wherever there’s a good currant break, try on the slow water side and work your way into where the currant breaks. Also try the channel edge of a snag where it to breaks the currant. You can use minnows or a crappie jig under a bobber or casting. They fight hard, are a blast to catch and look like miniture tarpons. Many will use a multible jig type of rig as well as a cast net. They are FUN to catch on rod and reel using light tackle. The Missouri is fair and the Mississippi is very good till they start concentrating, then you’ll be smiles and sore arms from catching them. Again, welcome and I’d like to encourage you to register at the Missouri roll call, we’re just two away from 100.
  6. fishingbuddy4

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    Warner Rob ga
    I have tried to catch them up here by lexington on the missouri ,and havnt seen one .Am i doing something wrong or are they just not up this far?
  7. theonecatfishbob

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    Wright City, Missouri
    Welcome aboard Devlyn. I got some about 5 inches long a couple of weeks ago. they were in calm water about 15 feet deep. I was throwing for shad across the river from the St. Charles ramp. But i cant tell you how to get them consistantly.
  8. superman

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    DeSoto MO
    welcome to the boc devlyn i fish the mississippi river down auround festus and the skips seem to be hit and miss alot of times one day will catch a bunch off of a wing dike but can not catch any the next day but all my big fish have come off cut or hole shad so if you can't catch skips don't worry about it shad work just fine and the newest thing is to use those jumping carp fillets they also work great if you can use them fresh
  9. Cuz

    Cuz New Member

    DeSoto, MO
    Good questin Devlyn. Once the skips start there spring spawning runs you can catch them on sabiki rigs. (see the link below) Your best bet once they start running is the dams. Try Melvin Price, or the dams at Saverton or Clarksville. I slayed the skips at Clarksville last summer. As well, you can catch the skips at the chain of rocks bridge up from Saint Louis. Just monitor the BOC to find out when they are running, or just drive to the dams and watch the water. It wont be hard to know they are there. You can also catch them in cast nets, but its so much more fun to fish for them. Get out your favorite spinning reel, and pop a sabiki on and have a blast. When the run is on you can catch 2,3, even 4 at a time. Its really a blast when the big ones are biting. If they are not running up this way, theres usually a few of us get together and go down to Kentucky Lake and get them there and then freeze them. Not as good as fresh skips, but they still work darn good. Drop Deerhunter or Dreadnaught a line. They usually have the scoop on when the skippys are running at Kentucky Lake, and if your lucky you might see Ol Jw in his Pink Tutu. :tounge_out: Hope this helps. Good Luck, and Be Safe out there.

  10. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Welcome to the BOC Devlyn from another Mo. member.