Fish are biting in the Neosho River

Discussion in 'KANSAS RIVERS TALK' started by Catmaster, Jun 2, 2008.

  1. Catmaster

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    SE Kansas
    Has anyone went out on the Neosho the last few times it has been up this spring? This is one of the best springs I have ever had as far as the amount of fish. Me and a friend dropped his small boat into a creek and went down almost a half a mile from the river when it was up the last time and set some limblines and did some rod and reel fishing. We set 12 lines and had 9 fish on them the next morning. When we were fishing rod&reel we caught 6, Nothing real big (biggest 10.3#) but the bite was fast. we wernt there but an hour and a half. I was surprised by the #'s in such short a time. It was alot of fun and good eat'n.
  2. arkrivercatman

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    I havent been on the Neosho this year but I have been doin pretty good on the Arkansas, with rod and reel. I would like to hit the Neosho sometime though.:wink:

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    Sounds like you fish the Neosho a little farther down stream then I do. Sounds like you must be down around Parsons. I did pretty good on the Neosho a couple of weeks ago. You can see my post a few down from yours.