First Turkey Of Youth Season in Kansas!

Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by Rajun_Cajun, Apr 9, 2006.

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    well lol all i really have to say is "wow". i finally got my first turkey!!! what a rush i tell you, but we had two toms that came in sounding almost exactly like jakes, but they were way to big to be jakes. my dad and his brother wanted me to take the turkey on the right, but i decided to take the one on the left cause he started veering off towards the decoys, so he got within atleast 25 yards if that. i took the shot he went down instantly, then got back up and started to take off again. so i took the second shot and brought him down right then and there. i will tell you; my heart was about to come out of my chest it was pounding so hard from excitment! the cool thing about my turkey was that he had "2" beards. the main, longer one measured 9", and the second measured 8". also he had some nice, long spures that we cut off and boiled. he had a real nice fan too, and we are in the process of hardening that up so we can get a plaque for it and mount it. but i wish i had the pictures on a digital camera so i could post them right now, but i will get them developed as soon as i can, and then i will scan them on here so my brothers can see my smile from ear to ear lol. :004:

    (also)- i hope i can take one more before spring season closes =P
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    congrats nice bird

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    Nice job my man! Congrats on getting your first turkey! Hopefully I can get my first turkey sometime soon too :)
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    Glad you had a successful and safe hunt. Hope you will cherish the memory for your lifetime. Try making a call from your wingbone. Give you something more than a mount to remember that hunt.