First Trip to Lake GreenWood

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    I posted a couple of weeks ago about fishing Monticello for the first time. I appreciate all the help. I will be taking a trip up to Greenwood to visit my Sisters family and will have my 5 year old son and another adult with me. I am looking for some good spots/tactics to use. Its my first time ever being on the lake. Also my sister lives near Greenwood high school. Is their anywhere close by their to but a boat in. I have an 18 foot Bomber bass boat with a green hull and should be on the lake throughout the weekend.
  2. foothills

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    bomber...if you got some extra cash layin around i would highly recommend contacting chris simpson of fightin da blues guide service to show you around lake greenwood and he will put you on some big channels will learn a ton of info from him and it would be well worth the money to get you started on fishing greenwood...shoot him a pm or something and good luck.

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    Bomber, I Agree with everything foothills said.Chris knows these Greenwood channels:wink:.