First trip my new boat

Discussion in 'Boating' started by Katfish Kern, Aug 1, 2008.

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    Well I took the boat out yesterday, but I think I should have stayed home and threw a hundred dollars out my front door. The day started out raining, and never stopped. And of course my buddy was on the bow and kicked off the little rubber boot over the trim and tilt by the trolling motor pedal. So once that to also got wet, the outboard kept trimming up and the only way to keep it down was to have someone sit on the bow and trim it down when it came up. Which was about every 2 minutes ( not a whole lot of fun when your a couple miles from the dock. We then tried to wait out some of the rain under a bridge...which as you can tell also did not turn out well. My buddy didnt sit the anchor well and we started the rain...with the outboard still trying to trim up on us. We then tried to use the trolling motor to get back uner the a ridiculous strong current....which lead to the fuse for the trolling motor blowing and the plastic casing around the fuse and connectors to melt. We were finally able to limp back to the dock and get her on the trailer. Other than that the boat runs great, just got some little bugs to fix.

    Once I got home I drilled through the pop rivets around the trim and tilt on the bow and dried out the connection, and guess what?......No trimming up, imagine that. I'll go buy a new rubber boot and toggle switch to be sure that doesnt happen again. Also while I'm at it, I guess I will need to buy a pop rivet gun to mount the bracket again. And as fot the fuse for the trolling motor, I'll just replace that hook up completely and use shrink wrap around the connections instead of electrical tape....It seems to work better in Typhoons. But like I said.....other than those few slip ups, the boat runs great.
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    welcome to owning a boat.. it seams like every trip out there is something to fix.. oh well.. still a ton of fun though.. good luck

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    Next to a weed eater a boat is usually a pain in the rear. I've had a boat longer than i've owned a truck. Keep messin with it and you'll get the bugs worked out. Bubba here is a great source of help and information along with many many other members.
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    Even if you don't have any trouble, you will always be making changes, upgrading and modifying to your liking. That being said, modern outboards are quite reliable. I RARELY have any mechanical trouble whatsoever.. Once you get the bugs out, you will be good to go! BTW: I love fishin' in the rain!! Ya shoulda toughed it out! :smile2:
    (as long as there is no lightning) I always keep umbrellas on board just for the rain or sun protection.
    Bill in SC
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    The old saying 'If it don't kill ya it only makes you stronger'. Well us boat owners should be the strongest people around. At least you had it out and can start sorting the bugs out. Better luck next time.