First time pulling an all night bite

Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by red river whopper, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. red river whopper

    red river whopper New Member

    Sabetha, kansas
    I have never did the all night fishing thing. What good pointers can I get from my fellow fisherman to help me improve my night fishing tips for tackle, accessories that i need. Is any baits better then other for night fishing? what all do i need with to make this a successful attempt.
  2. Backlashed

    Backlashed New Member

    Derby, Kansas
    Welcome to the hood Kerry.
    If your targeting Flatheads, avoid a lot of light, like lanterns, and spot lights.
    I like a cap light, and a small LED flashlight, only when needed.

    Kick back and enjoy the stars.

  3. Gamblen

    Gamblen New Member

    Kansas City, KS
    Lighted bobbers are really nice for fishing and learning patience. One night while fishing below Tunnel Dam (MO) the line broke just above the bobber. Me and Tunnel Rat wathed that fish swim around all night with that bobber while we were bank fishing.
  4. boombalaty

    boombalaty New Member

    Def. get a head lamp of some sort. I like one that has white leds for tying stuff and red leds for watching the pole. It seems like the bugs dont go after the red so much. Take a good flashlight too just in case. Bug spray is a necessity. Lots of stuff to drink and a snack. Some tp in case you gotta poo. Good camera(which I usually forget). A nice comfy chair!:wink: Kat bobbers and glow sticks with some zip ties for your poles and bobbers.
  5. Hoopie

    Hoopie New Member

    Get plenty of sleep the day before so you can stay up all night and fish! Minimizes equipment loss and maximizes landed fish.
  6. 1mickymoo

    1mickymoo New Member

    Edgerton, Kansas
    i gotta agree about getting alot of sleep, and little light, and red light, all good advise. shad shallow and silent. good luck
  7. Kansas Tree Rat

    Kansas Tree Rat New Member

    Waverly, Kansas
    Best thing I can tell you is to know the area you are going to fish well during day light. The last thing you want to do is try a place you have never been when the sun was up.
  8. Jayhawkguy

    Jayhawkguy New Member

    Good advice, obviously get plenty of sleep as others said is important. However, some do not think of this but if you really want your body to be prepared, do a carb overload a few nights before. Carbs our your bodies main source of energy especially on overnighters. Pasta, spaggetti, that stuff. Not candy and pop carbs. However, I always do make sure I have some snickers bars and a few red bulls and a few sandwiches also on the trip. You will get the munches. Some times I will bring a case of beer, however I then get sleepy and quit focusing on the fishing. So beer I really do not recomend unless your just wanting to kick back at the lake and not worry about catching too many fish. Which is not bad at all now and then.

    I invested in a few propane lanterns also. Even if you do not use them becuase you are doing some flathead fishing it still does not hurt to have them on hand. I got them at walmart. Anything else I can help you will just ask.