First time out...tonight!

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by USE TO BE, May 25, 2008.

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    I'm going on my first Flathead excursion of the season tonight. Water temp is still only about 64 surface temp in the lake I fish at. I went out yesterday and caught my bait. I caught several bluegill and a few are huge, so I have high hopes for tonight. I will be trying some 9/0 King Kahles for the first time. I will also be trying the let the fish hook themselves approach for the first time. I can't wait and I hope to get the season off to a good start.

    A question, when fishing for Flats, how important is it to be quiet? My wife and 4 yr old daughter go out with me and I never seem to get any quiet time till they bed down. I fish off of a pontoon that I pull up on shore and I usually get frustrated because of all the noise that resonates off the boat. I try not to get to serious until they bed down which is usually not till 10pm or so.
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    Sometimes I get a little noisy in my boat with dropping things and such, but I try to keep it at a minimum. Talking will not effect anything as far as I know. Have a great time and good luck to you.

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    Allot of noise can spook the fish. Good luck by the way.:wink:
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    I keep lights and noises to a minimum but I doubt that your wife and daughter will make enough noise to spook them. Unless they like to skip rocks or go swimmin off of the boat.:smile2:I think that you will like the kahle hooks. Most of the fish that I catch on them hook themselves but when I get a good hit with no hook up I hold the rod and wait for another one, then I set the hook. The warmer the water gets the later the bite seems to be, imo. They should be going to bed at just the right time.:wink::smile2:
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    I once told my friend while I was pounding the metal rod holder in with a hatchet next to the water that we wouldn't catch anything for a bit because of the noise I was making... in mid sentance my pole got slammed. Some fish get spooked by noise and some are to hungry to care. Make sure you fish just the same while the ladies are making noise as you plan to when it gets quiet. I make many small trips and try to always take that 5 minute cast just as serious as an all nighter... You don't want to lose fish because you weren't taking it seriously.
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    good luck, bud! i hope you tear em up!
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    good luck and i hope you get you a biggy..