First time on Santee Cooper Lake

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  1. Coon dog

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    Hodges,South Carolina
    Going down on the 1st. Gonna be staying at Lake Marion resort and Marina. Never been on the lake before. I do have a boat, but it is a bass boat. Me and the boys are excitied about trying to catch some of the big cats down there. For somebody who has never been on the lake before, could anyone give some advice as to where to fish and what to use. Also might be fishing from the bank at the resort some with the kids. Any advice would be greatly apprecieated.
  2. sarSWAMPFOX

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    Union, South Caroilna
    White perch for bait. Night fishing would be better. Be very carefull on Marion if this is your first time. There are a lot of stumps just inches under the water, and if the wind gets up the water will get real rough. If you stay inside the channel markers you will be ok but boat traffic will be steady. If you leave the channel markers slow way down & post a lookout on the bow. Try the deeper water in the heat of the day & shallower at night. Good luck & be carefull.

  3. rivercatsc

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    Im not sure where that is which side of the lake but fish in the shallows at night with cut perch or bream around the cypress trees. I will be there all week and you can hollar at me on ch69 if I am around and I will let you know what I know. Good luck I wll be in a white 17ft HenryO dual console with RIVER CAT on the side you cant miss me.
  4. Smuggo

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    I have a friend that is staying there this week on a time share deal and said he caught nice shad with his castnet in the cove by the resort (and lots of them). He also went bank fishing with his daughter and caught a nice 15 lb blue on cut shad. If you look at some lake maps youll see that the old river channel runs close to the bank near the resort and should be good spot to fish.
  5. Al Duncan

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    fish shallow at night with live or cut pionts with trees on them