First Time Jug Fishin'

Discussion in 'Alternative Methods of Catching Catfish' started by tdheater, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. tdheater

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    I'm headed up to Grand Lake this weekend and have decided to try my luck at jug fishing. This will be the first time to try jug lines and I was looking for a few pointers. I will be up by Cleora by blackberry/rabbit island. Any depth/location suggestions on setting the lines? I figured off the main channel near the rocky points but wasn't sure how deep. Any pointers from you grandlakers would be nice. Thanks.
  2. dobbie

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    We jug fish around blackberry island all the time.We put jugs out on the east side of the island,all the way to the east bank.My jugs have 30' of line with 3 hooks on them.We have good luck on white bass chunks.You will have plenty of company this weekend,so be carefull. Dobbie

  3. catscratch

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    I'll be there jugging for the first time this weekend also, we will be on the south end of the lake though. Good luck to ya. You aren't doing anything else are ya, like spending an afternoon at Dripping Springs. My buddy has a house just around the cove, could be a place to stop and take a break if you needed.