First River Trip Complete

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by moriver, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. moriver

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    The first trip of the year is complete.:big_smile: A old friend and I put on around Missouri City Friday and stayed on the pontoon until the next morning. The hole I wanted was just to windy so we found a spot with no wind and parked it. Cold drinks and the grill served us well for dinner. I missed 1 big hit, and it did get my Asian Carp chunk bait. Other than that we caught a couple small cats, 1 Sturgon, 1 Common Carp, and a bunch of Drum. A good time over all. I did have 1 problem. My fishing partner had a bag of Asian Carp that he had frozen and put it in the cooler for backup. (did I say I hate frozen bait). I pulled it out of the cooler and did not realize I had it on the side of the bag and all the "juice" jumped out of that bag and went all over my sock and right tennis shoe. Lucky I had a spare pair of socks and shoes............:roll_eyes:
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    Sounds like a great rip sans the whole sock thing. Don't see many sturgeon caught around here. haven't caught any cats over 5lb yet this year,but, it is still early up here.

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