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    It's a good thing the Detroit Lions already went 0-16 last year. The 09 Kansas City Chiefs are already well on their way to equaling that rather dubios acheivement. Scott Pioli is on record saying that he could take 22 guys off the street and win 2 games. I don't see where 2 victories are gonna come from.And by the end of the year the Chiefs may have 22 guys off the street if they continue their current pace of picking up castaways off the waiver wire. I wanna be optomistic about my team but I don't see it.The Chiefs were talking a big game in the off season but they signed 0 impact free agents. They had huge amounts of money under the cap to spend and yet they sat on their hands.A blind man could have seen a dozen places to spend money in the offseason.Offensive line...sign a linebacker under the age of 35,tight end, wide receiver, kick returner,punt returner.This team stinks and they are 30th in payroll in the NFL.I can't see any positives so far.
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    I think they are better than the Browns

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    That's what you get when you sign a QB who's last real start was in high school and whose coach tapes the defensive plays of the other team!:wink::smile2: