First Fishing Trips

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  1. kspor

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    Wichita Kansas
    What is the first fishing trip that your really remember?

    I used to spend summers at Cedar Bluff and fished all the time with no real luck from the bank. Most of my family skied and didnt like to fish. We always camped with the same group of families and one of them took me under his wing.

    His name was Mr. Welty, but I called him Mr. Welby like the tv doc at the time. He was one of my parents friend's dads and he was the kindly grandfather type. Mr. Welty had a john boat and I had never ridden in such a small boat. That thing took off and I held on for dear life. I was used to ski boats and had never seen one nearly go vertical on launch.

    We ended up in a cove and he handed me a Colorado spoon. I dropped it over the side and began jigging it. Soon my rod pointed straight down and Mr. Welty told me to real. It was a bass, now I am not sure how big it was, but he and everyone at camp was impressed. It grew late so we headed back.

    I asked if we could troll and Mr. Welty said yes, but not to expect much. I Tied on a some lure that had been given to me and tossed it out. We hadnt gone far when the pole once again bent. I reeled in a very nice walleye. Mr. Welty asked if I had another lure. I told him I had two and the other was yellow with red tiger stripes. Mine was black with white stripes. I caught a second walleye and unfortunately Mr. Welty caught none.

    That was my first really successful trip and I will always cherish it. I never saw Mr. Welty again, but he inspired a love of fishing in me that burns still. I was told that his health failed and he no longer could fish or camp. I just hope he knew how much I appreciated his kindness and that trip.
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    The first one that i remember vividly,I was 8 or 9 years old(something like that) and went fishing in a very small pond that a friend of my Dad had.I had one of the little Snoopy rod and reels and put a nightcrawler on and threw it out hoping for the best.Little did i know that Jaws was gonna hit it.The biggest fish I had ever seen was on the other end.It was a big ole cat(probably 15-20lbs) and he dang near jerked the pole out of my hands.I started hollering for Dad to come and get this beast but he just started laughing,telling me I could do it.I fought him for what seemed like hours(prob 3-5 mins) and he broke water,flopped over and snapped the line.Ever since that day,I was hooked on catfish.I never did get to go back to try and catch him,but thats one memory i'll never forget!Well, I had forgot abt it till now.
    Thanks kspor for helping bring back that memory!!!!!

  3. copycat

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    New Jersey
    I was 6 or 7 yrs old fishing with my dad and brothers at a lake near where I grew up. I remember my dad caught a hugh snapping turtle and ended up cutting it's head off! I guess it was his only hook. That was the only time I think I ever fished with my dad, because he was not a big time fisherman. But I was "hooked" for life and always fished with freinds. I have owned many boats over the years and will never stop fishing.
  4. photocat

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    3 years old or so... took a little length of my moms crotcheting yarn and tied it to a stick from my backyard... when me and my dad went down to the lake he used his rod and i tied a worm (no hook mind you) ,like i saw my dad do (sort of) ,to my line and lowered it in the water waiting for the fish to come so i can pull it out... needless to say i didn't catch anything but it got me hooked on my habit which now occupies 1/2 the garage and for which i have way too many rods for the space and tackle (still do a little ba$$ fishing to kill the time, plus can't pass up a good deal, keep thinking i'll sell it for profit and i just keep it instead)...
  5. Wickedbreed

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    nice stories guys....the first one i remember probably 8 yrs old went with dad and grandpa to a lake at a construction site dad and grandpa was workin on at the time we was there maybe an hr or so and caught a couple small cats (at the time huge to me) and all of a sudden dnr shows up being real pricks to dad....neither one had fishin license and him and dad argued for quite a time and found out dad had a pistol on him (using to kill snakes they was bad in the area) well he didnt have a permit for that either well the officer grabbed me up by the arm and told dad he was taking me into custody to the child protective sevices well dad was to say the least pissed....told the officer to let me go and the officer proceeded to taske me to the explorer dad wasnt havin that and told the dnr that if he didnt let me go he would kill him on the spot.....bunch of cops showed up dad went to jail...intimidation on an officer and carrying a concealed weapon......took all of our gear and even my batman rod i was upset.....dnr officer got fired for misconduct....and i hated fishing.....grandpa felt bad bought a river camp and we went fishin every weekend.....needless to say from a good trip turned bad and me hatin fishin at the time....i now love catfishin and will continue to go.....even though i have caught nothing this yr so far i think i will still go!
  6. SkiMax

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    Crazy Crazy Story! I remember going out on the local creeks with my dad and catching crappie. He was so proud b/c i was six years old, 2 foot tall. and i was handling a 10 foot ultralite, undoing my own hangups in the brushpile and bringing in 16 inch crappie.
  7. jtrew

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    I guess I must have been 4, maybe 5 years old. My dad had recently been discharged from the Army after the German POWs were repatriated (he was an MP guard), and we were living with my mother's aunt in Ringgold, Georgia, just below Chattanooga. Dad would take me down to the creek to fish for bream. I don't remember if we caught any, but I do remember that there was a whirlpool within sight of where we fished. I want to say that the name of that creek was Chattanooga Creek, but I'm not positive.
  8. WylieCat

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    I remember fishing with my dad and mom at night as a kid. I remember catching a few fish, but the thing I remeber more than anything is putting the palm of my hand on a Coleman lantern and burning my hand!!

    I have not burned my hand on a lantern since!!

    My dad has long since past away, and that strip of shoreline has an $800,000 house sitting on it, but I still drift by it in my boat and catch fish and know my dad is looking down on me.
  9. kccats

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    Olathe, Kansas
    I do believe Ive been going on fishing trips since I was born....
    Both sides of my family have always been big into fishing.
    When I was a kid, my family had access to dozens of farm ponds some of which were breaming with panfish, bass and bullheads.
    My first memorie I must have been about 5.
    I was already an advid fisherman as I was bass fishing but I can't recall before that.
    There was a huge storm coming in with lots of lighting.
    My Dad caught an 8 lb bass.
    I only caught little dinks.