First day of Turkey hunting

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by CatfishHateMe, Apr 28, 2007.

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    Me and my dad went out this morning a little later than planned, so the first turkey hunt for both of us started off hectic and in a rush to beat the sun. We got out there and ran into 5 deer at first, so my blood got flowing immediately. I hit my crow call a few times and located a gobbler off a ways. We found a good place to set up the decoys and had alot of cover so we started calling. He gobbled back to us all morning and was just over the property line and we couldnt get him to come any closer. So after he went off a ways, we went over to another spot where there had been some birds at a few weeks ago. We were there with our decoys set up calling a bird that responded to our calls while we had the tom close. We messed up and had a blind spot on the field caused by a pine tree. After 45 minutes we were about to pack it up and leave to get my brother to his ball game. I wasnt 2 steps around the pine and i looked over and saw a jake and a nice sized tom. I took a shot at the tom and he had already went to take off and i missed. So tomorro morning we are going back to that same spot in the morning and ill be back with a success story. It was my first time ever turkey hunting or even SEEING a turkey in the woods while hunting. So it was a pretty awesome experiance, especially talkin back and forth with that tom all morning. its a rush to hear that loud gobble off in the distance. im in love with turkey hunting already:lol:
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    It sounds like you are hooked on Turkey. I hope you get him

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    Patience ,my friend patience
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    It never gets old for me.......put in your time, learn from your mistakes, and savour your success. Hunts with Dad will live forever in your memories. Smiling right now thninkin' of last years hunt with my Pop.