First day of the season on a new kayak!

Discussion in 'Kayaker and Canoe Fishing' started by kitsinni, Apr 17, 2008.

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    I finally got my new fishing yak out on the water this year, and it was a great time. I picked up a Native Ultimate 14.5 this winter, still have not had a chance to rig it up to much. I went out yesterday on a local lake here in Ohio, and the fishing was fantastic! I caught about 60 or so crappie myself! I caught them vertically jigging right under the yak, caught them trolling, caught them casting it was great. Even managed to get a half dozen largemouth bass. It is amazing how invisible a kayak is to these fish, I was catching them a foot or two below the boat. There were times I would put the pole down with the jig in the water, turn around to get something and end up with a another crappie on the hook. Days like that are what fishing is all about!

    P.S. No catfish from the yak yet, I would have tried for one yesterday but when you catch a fish every cast or two it is hard to stop!
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    good job and keep us posted on your new kayak

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    Thank you on the trips, and sounds like you had a blast fishing, congrats on getting you a yak, there good to use to hit some hollers and stuff like that and get to the fish better. Glad to hear you had a blast and caught alot of fish congrats and I wish you some more luck on more of your trips to come.
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    Congratulations on your new yak and your great catch. Let us know what you think of the ultimate after you get some more fish slime on it!:big_smile: Have Fun!