First Christmas as a Daddy....

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    Every year I would look foward to Christmas for the same reason. It is great giving gifts to family and friends and seeing the smile on their face. Always wondering what mom and dad would have in store for me this year as they always got me great gifts. The wife and I would go out and buy each other gifts and it would be a fun day.

    This year trumped them all though, it was the first Christmas for my daughter Madison. She is 10 months old now and she is growing up fast. This day has been fast approaching for the wife and I and it is all we could talk about for the last couple of months. Madison's first Christmas.

    It was a great couple of days that started last night at the inlaws and going to church for a Christmas Eve service. What better place to be on Christmas then Church with the family. Then we celebrated with her family and it was a great night.

    Today we were at my parents house from 7 this morning until 8 tonight. We went to Church service as a family at 10:30 and had a great time.

    It is truely an awesome feeling watching my baby open the gifts and the smiles on her face. The expressions, the joy, the feeling I got inside when she would just go from toy to toy smiling and giving the Care Bears hugs and kisses and hugging mommy and daddy after each gift. I just wanted to share this with everyone, it is a joy being a parent and watching her grow up. Madison got so many gifts and It was funny watching her open the gift, smile, try to take it out and kinda look puzzled when we took it away and gave her another wrapped gift.

    Her favoriate gift was a pony that she can sit on and rock and it sings to her. She is not big enough to climb up on it yet but when she is put on it she will rock non stop until you pull her off. It is so cute and the smiles that she gives is worth every penny that went into the holidays this year.

    My favoriate gift was not the same this year. It was not the new DVD player, or any other expensive gift. It was what my wife made for me this year. It was simply a shirt that says "My daughter walks all over me" and has her footprints on it with the date. She also make me a coffee cup with her hand prints and picture and a frame that says "My daddy loves me". My priorities have changed for the better and I truely love it.

    I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year and enjoy your family and loved ones for no one is promised tomorrow. Never miss out on an oppertunity to tell them that you love them. God bless each and every one of you.

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    Awesome post my Friend, and cute pics....... :)

    Zakk :)

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    I could try to add something profound but when it involves a parent with a new little one then nothing I can say would ever do the moment justice.

    Teas, I wish you many, many more Christmasses with that little one and always treasure these times buddy, there's nothing better =)

    Cute pictures too!

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    congrats! youll enjoy it
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    All I can say Matt, is Welcome to parenthood and treasure these little moments in time. Ain't it great!!!!
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    that has got to be a cute kid pic of the year seeing her on that horse LOL
    she sure has grown up fast.
    i too hope you many many more of those same feelings you shared over this christmas thanks for shareing your pics .
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    And it gets better as the years go by.
    My youngest is 34 and it seems like yesterday when I sat her on her first rocking horse.

    Nothing like having the bragging rights to being a proud daddy.
    Always remember. Its easy being a father but it takes a hoss of a man to be a daddy. :) :)
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    Tea, little Madison is just precious buddy. The last time we saw her she was so tiny but man, she is growing like a weed. You should enter her in a baby photo contest, bet she would win hands down. Buddy your story was so heart warming and tells the story of how proud you are and how much you love your family. Thanks for sharing, papa Tea. :)
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    I really appreciate yall taking the time to read and post. It does mean alot to me. She has played with her toys all day and man oh man do they make some noisy ones these days. LMAO I will post some more pics in the Gallery when I get them resized.

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    Checked out all the new ones in the gallery. Have ya built the extra room for all the stuff yet? LOL!
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    Tea, Great post Bro, thanks for sharing. She sure is a cutie !