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Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by Ravensmavsfan, Apr 28, 2006.

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    In cincinnati off of ronald regan highway, I've wonder if there were fish in the large long pond next to a exit. So I walked down there and saw huge 10 to 20pound fish splashing through vegitation up agaisnt the shore. They were everywhere. The pond was infested with the large gold and brown carp. If I were quiet long enough, huge ones would pass me right up my the shore.

    Keep in mind the deepest part of this pond is probaly only 4 ft. As I walked away I could see the swimming in schools of 3 and 4. I went to a local wal-mart and got some bobbers and straberry flavored powerbait carp dough balls.

    I tied the hook only about a foot away from the bobber and put a couple a split shots, then casted out and waited. Suddendly I couldn't find my bobber in the water and my mother told me my pole was gettin pulled into the water. The Carp had picked up the doughball and swam to the right of me down the pond. I was so exited i set the hook really hard and the pole fractured but didn't break. I fought it in for about 20 seconds and it was 6 ft away from me then, the line broke. I could see the carp swimmin around in the area for about 5 or 6 seconds then it swam out of view.

    The reason the pole fractured and the line snapped is becasue the ywere for bluegill/smallmouth bass and channelcats. It was only 10 pound test, and the fish was at least 15 pounds. I'm returning to the pond on sunday with my catfish poles and I was wondering what you guys would use for bait in this sitiuation where the pond is infested with them.
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    Well if the power bait is working id keep using it,you could also use canned corn or a dough ball.


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    Well, I'd say.."straberry flavored powerbait carp dough balls" seem to be working! LOL!

    My fav is a Shredded Wheat dough ball on the bottom. Prop your rod up on a forked stick (with your hand very close to it at all times) and leave a good bow of slack in the line. When they pull it tight set the steel to 'em!

    Sounds like ya found the "honey hole"... keep it secret.
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    yeah go for the heaviest equipment you can... although the reason your rod and line broke weren't because you were using 10 lb test and panfish/ba$$ rod... you had the drag set too tight putting too much pressure on the rod and line... ( i commonly use 12 lb test on my reels and i pull in fish larger then that same w/ 4 lb test line... the record channel is 30+ on 4# line... blue cat is 40 + on 4# line... ) just don't try and horse the fish in it will break your line if you do that...

    I'd try what works... the PB junk but also set out a line w/ corn and one with worms... also get good rod holders... walmart has some for $2 that are metal and spiral to hold it... works well so you can land one before dealing w/ the other rods...
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    um well...i'd say stick with what worked! :lol:
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    I like using whole kennel corn it seems to do the traick for me caught few good ones on it and if you get hungry scoop up a handfull and take a bite.:roll_eyes: